Peter Pachel's Paros crimes - Readings - Events - some impressions....

Reading  June 2014 at Art Gallery Saint Athanasios in Naoussa

Premiere reading to Griechiches Gift in Tutt in Köln Ehrenfeld March 2015 with Sophia Georgallidis

Reding June 2015 in front of Panagia church in Naoussa

On Leipziger book trade fair interview with  publisher Sewastos Sampsounis from Größenwahn Verlag

Authors from  Größenwahn Verlag in Weimar on the  German - Greek  reading festival May 2015

Reading in  Bücherstube in Köln Ehrenfeld May 2016

Reading in Filisur in Switzerland on the occasion of  a Greek evening  October 2015

During a Life Interview with Maria Laftsidis-Krüger for Radio Kreta

Reading in BÜZE in Köln  August 2014